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Holiday Parties at The Clayton on the Park

This year was an amazing year for holiday parties at The Clayton on the Park!  It was great to see how each company used The Clayton on the Park in such different ways to honor their guests and celebrate their successes of 2014.  From intimate holiday dinners to elaborate 350 guest cocktail parties, The Clayton on the […]

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Holiday Company Party Scottsdale

Top 10 Must-Haves for your 2014 Company Holiday Party 1. The Perfect Location Choosing a location for your holiday party couldn’t be more important! You have to consider the perfect location, convenient freeway access and local entertainment options for your guests.  Located in the heart of Downtown Scottsdale, it’s easy to see why The Clayton on the […]

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Summer Refreshers

Stay swimsuit ready all summer long with these refreshing and low calorie cocktails! Blueberry Punch – The antioxidants in blueberries may help increase fat burning. Malibu Bay Breeze – The cranberry juice is loaded with Vitamin C, which is a great fat fighter. Dark & Stormy – A great post workout drink, the ginger can […]

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What your color scheme means

Set the mood at your event with the right color. Purple: Luxury, Wealth, Spirituality, Creativity Black: Power, Drama, Sophistication, Mystery Blue: Trust, Intelligence, Peace, Dependability White: Innocence, Cleanliness, Goodness, Purity Orange: Warmth, Confidence, Friendliness, Fun Red: Love, Passion, Excitement, Intensity Green: Growth, Harmony, Health, Renewal Yellow: Cheer, Positivity, Energy, Hopefulness  

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Wow your guests by having large dramatic decoration, it will help make your big day more memorable. Over-the-top florals make bold statements. Colored lighting, chandeliers, and string lighting will enhance the look of your wedding, as well as transform your venue into a setting that is unique to your event.

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