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Summer Refreshers

Stay swimsuit ready all summer long with these refreshing and low calorie cocktails! Blueberry Punch – The antioxidants in blueberries may help increase fat burning. Malibu Bay Breeze – The cranberry juice is loaded with Vitamin C, which is a … Continue reading

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The “First Look”

Traditionally, the bride & groom refrain from seeing each other until the ceremony begins. But more often than not, couples are choosing to have a “first look.” It’s a time for the bride and groom to see each other before … Continue reading

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Planning the Bachelorette Party

Planning the Bachelorette party can be a difficult and stressful task. Here are some tips to help you plan the perfect party for your bride! 1. It’s about the bride! Keep in mind who this party is for. If your … Continue reading

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Genius Idea – Boutonnier Magnets!

Every now and then I see product and say to myself, “Why didn’t I think of that??” That’s what I thought today when I was told of a genius product: magnetic boutonnieres. Gone are the days of fumbling with tiny … Continue reading

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How to Trim Your Guest List

When planning your wedding, your budget is usually the deciding factor on how many guests you can actually invite which usually means not everyone in your lives can be invited. Unfortunately, if you decide not to invite a family member … Continue reading

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Beautiful Brooch Bouquets

Many brides have been straying away from traditional flower bouquets and opting to carry beautiful brooch bouquets. These unique bouquets can be purchased online or easily made at home. You can use brooches passed down from a loved one and … Continue reading

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What your color scheme means

Set the mood at your event with the right color. Purple: Luxury, Wealth, Spirituality, Creativity Black: Power, Drama, Sophistication, Mystery Blue: Trust, Intelligence, Peace, Dependability White: Innocence, Cleanliness, Goodness, Purity Orange: Warmth, Confidence, Friendliness, Fun Red: Love, Passion, Excitement, Intensity … Continue reading

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The Big Apple does it BIG

We are so thrilled to be hosting Super bowl in our own backyard next year! The countdown is on with only 355 days left until kick off. Here are some highlights, of the extravagant events and parties that took place … Continue reading

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Govig or Go Home

Govig & Associates pulled out all the stops for their Awards Dinner at The Clayton on the Park. The tribal theme was an appropriately fun choice for this group of headhunting professionals. The evening featured Footklan tribal dancers greeting guests … Continue reading

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DIY Christmas Ornaments

Try adding your own personal touch on the tree this year. These DIY ornaments are easy and fun to make with kids. Or make a day out of it by hosting an ornament crafting party with your girlfriends!   The … Continue reading

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