More Holiday Parties at The Clayton Event Venue!

Our holiday parties have been in full swing! This past week, The Clayton has hosted lots of events: The Charros’ 50th Anniversary Party; Nate Nathan’s band kept the guests on their feet at the Brophy Holiday Party, and to top it off, The Clayton Companies had their end of the year party at the venue as well. Our own Alden Bayless served up some fun holiday cocktails- Thanks again!


Bartender Alden

Remember our HIP party? If not, we’ll remind you! Guests were entertained by Jared Blake Entertainment and brought unwrapped Christmas gifts for the children of Casa de Paz Sahuaro. At their Christmas Fiesta, the kids loved playing with their new dolls, nerf guns and all of the other gifts that the HIP community was so generous in donating.


Child checks out Christmas gifts from HIP party





The Casa de Paz Sahuaro Christmas Fiesta


President Karen Doan (HIP president) gives child a Christmas present

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